Historically speaking, now is the time to get the best value out of your home, but people are scared. They may want to sell, but they’re afraid to leave because inventory is low and they don’t want to be caught with nowhere to go, so they don’t leave. And because of that, inventory stays low. It’s a vicious cycle. How do we loosen up the inventory?

Sellers should be made aware of the options they have that might suit their needs. For many people, it’s not always practical to buy before you sell, rent for a period of time or stay in a vacation home temporarily. The option of a sale-leaseback presents its own challenges, especially when it comes to lenders.

A suitable housing contingency could be the answer you need to feel protected. Sometimes buyers are willing to wait for an agreed-upon amount of time to give you an opportunity to find your own property to purchase, with the assurance that they can be reimbursed if something goes wrong.

Finally, always remember to collect a trusted team of real estate professionals around you to guide and advocate for you.

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