A question came in from a viewer this week asking, “Can we reject an offer because the buyer is obtaining financing from the VA?”

You are able to reject an offer from anyone, but why would you want to reject an offer from a veteran? The VA is offering mortgage financing for our veterans and rates and terms are extremely attractive for our veterans. In some cases they are lending up to 100% of the value of the home. If they are receiving 100% financing, that does not make them a weak buyer. It makes the veteran a strong person who is receiving wonderful benefits as they should.

Another misconception is that the appraisal will be difficult. The appraiser will simply be protecting the veteran as they do not want them to get swindled.

Have pride when selling you home. Your home should be in its best condition when it is put on the market. If you’re selling your home and there is something wrong with it, you may want to fix issues that are likely to attract the attention of a VA appraiser and other buyers. You should feel great about selling your home to a veteran!

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