Mark Stiles and Laura Adams joined up to answer this week’s question: “Now that the inventory is so low in the housing market, can I sell my house on my own?”

Can it be done? Legally, yes. Is it recommended? No.

Why? It takes too much time. Preparing the home to be put on the market, marketing the property, and showing the property at open houses is time-consuming. Not to mention dealing with the home inspector, the appraiser, and a fire department representative.

Rather than taking time out of your life, trust the trained professionals who budget their time for this work. Real estate professionals can offer you their skills and get the job done right. They have the best advice, connections, negotiation skills, and a suite of resources when it comes to marketing your property.

Would doing it on your own save money? In the long run, probably not. You’d be spending money on marketing and in addition the buyer’s agent will seek a 2.5%-3% commission from you regardless. It’s generally a net loss.

Taking a chance may result in unnecessary mistakes.

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