Practice Areas

Title and Settlement Services

Stiles & Associates, LLC is a firm concentrating in real estate conveyancing and mortgage lending services. We represent buyers, sellers, borrowers, banks, mortgage companies, investors, builders and developers in all of their real estate and mortgage transactions. We work closely with our clients, being responsive to changing circumstances and difficult time requirements. We ensure that the needs of both our clients and their customers are met. Our office facilities offer easy accessibility from all parts of the state with ample parking conveniently located to accommodate our clients. Naturally, we are prepared to meet outside our offices in order to assist in the value added service that our clients provide to their customers.

Stiles & Associates, LLC is approved to close loans for hundreds of lenders and investors as well are preferred title insurance agents for some of the nation’s largest title insurance companies. Most importantly, as a result of our expertise and efficiencies, we are able to provide these services with a competitive fee structure.

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Wills and Estates

If you’re like most people, you probably feel that you have a responsibility to those who depend on you. Protecting your family and loved ones with a well thought out estate plan is often the most important gesture you can make. You can never be too prepared to care for your family. You do not want to leave this world without making sure all questions are answered; where your assets will end up; and who is to care for your children. One way to accomplish this is to make sure your will and/or trust is up to date and valid. If you already have a plan in place, we can review it. If you have yet to plan for your departure, ask us. We can help.

If a loved one has passed, we can help minimize the stress relating to fulfilling their wishes and assist in navigating through the Probate Court process. We understand the sensitive nature of this process and handle it with care…

Real Estate Investor Law

Condominium Conversions:

Our office coordinates the entire conversion of your single asset property into a multi-asset, multi-profit. We work directly with engineers, architects and surveyors while they draft the plans. We then conduct the transition from a single parcel multi-use to separate condominium units. We work in conjunction with your insurance agent to obtain the most appropriate and comprehensive insurance policy for the new condominium. We continue to work with the investor and your real estate agent representatives during the sale of each unit; negotiating the purchase and sales agreements, drafting all of the necessary documents and coordinating all of the final dollar adjustments to ensure a smooth sale transaction. This allows you, the investor/developer, more time to work on finding and negotiating your next project while we do the rest.


Sometimes when acquiring a discounted property it is delivered subject to certain unsavory conditions–most common, a holdover occupant.

Other times when holding a property with the intent to lease and manage, you have a tenant that doesn’t pay or simply doesn’t comply with other terms of your lease, such as disturbing your other good tenants.

We assist the investor in legally evicting these occupants. We help the investor to choose the best course of action, whether it is negotiating a “cash for keys” agreement, drafting and serving notices to quit or speeding through the summary process eviction action in the quickest amount of time permitted by law.

REO Purchases:

REO is the acronym for Real Estate Owned by the Lender after no individual or entity bids high enough at the foreclosure auction to satisfy the lender or if the owner opts for a deed in lieu of foreclosure. The property becomes a part of the lenders portfolio and they must sell the property. We know that although some of the greatest value purchases come from these REO properties, we also know that the purchase process is neither ordinary nor comfortable. The paperwork is voluminous and the lender/seller is often times based out-of-state and simply refuses to follow our state’s customary practices. Let us guide you through the REO closing process.

Business Formation and Preparation:

We, along with the cooperation of your tax team advisor, decide which form of legal ownership suits your needs. Whether a sole proprietor, an LLC, LLP, S-Corp, C-Corp. or through a Nominee Trust, we can help.

Purchase and Sale Agreement Negotiations:

We agree that the “Standard P&S” is standard, but neutral or in favor of the buyer it is not. Typically, these documents are drafted either by the Seller’s attorney or the Listing Agent for the Seller. Let us protect your potential acquisition and your earnest money deposit.

Commercial & Residential Closings:

Our Firm is approved to close loans for hundreds of Banks, Mortgage Companies and Investors. We are title insurance agents for the nation’s largest title insurance underwriters. Our process is smooth, efficient and affordable. Next time your lender asks, “who do you want to close your loan?” tell them: “Stiles & Associates.” And if they don’t ask, tell them.

Seller Representation:

You found the deal and now you have a Buyer. It is now time to move on to your next project. Let us negotiate the purchase and sale agreement, coordinate with the Buyer’s attorney, buyer’s lender and buyer’s lender’s attorney. We’ll coordinate all of the adjustments, draft and obtain necessary paperwork and attend the closing in your place through power of attorney.