Attorney Brian Lynch and Mark Stiles are back to discuss issues related to small businesses.

In video one, Brian and Mark discussed the different corporate structures that are available. In video two, they discussed two common structures: corporations and limited liability companies. In this video, Brian and Mark discuss some of the other documents that you may need to start your successful small business.

Many small business owners need agreements between owners or key employees. These agreements dictate the relationship between the parties. For instance, many agreements include provisions handling owners or key employees who are leaving. Some dictate whether the company or other owners can purchase the departing owner’s share.

Next, most small businesses have documents that deal with employees and contractors. Perhaps there is proprietary information that an owner does not want to be disclosed to third parties—a non-disclosure agreement may be in order. Perhaps an employee or contractor will be privy to information that would make a non-compete agreement appropriate.

Finally, many businesses will have relationships with vendors. Having contracts in place helps to make this relationship more predictable and stable. Some common agreements include: master service agreements and end user agreements. Most importantly, these agreements lay out the expectations and requirements of both parties.

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