We received another question from a viewer this week asking, “What is the MLC?” MLC is an acronym that is used frequently in real estate law for Municipal Lien Certificate.

While performing due diligence before purchasing a home, buyers should verify that real estate taxes are paid. The MLC is delivered by the city or town and is their way of certifying to the buyer that real estate taxes and other municipal charges against the property are paid.

The MLC will include the location and the current owner, the due date of the tax payments, the annual amount of real estate taxes and other municipal charges, and whether taxes are due quarterly or semi-annually. Most importantly, the MLC will state how much is due to pay all outstanding taxes and charges.

Usually, the closing attorney will order this MLC. The city or town charges a small fee before issuing the certificate. The closing attorney will have the MLC recorded with the registry of deeds. Recording the MLC should prevent a city or town from claiming any taxes not disclosed on the MLC are due against the property.

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