Another question came in from one of our viewers this week “What happens if I’m under contract to purchase a home and I simply get cold feet?”

In short: it depends. The answer is determined by Massachusetts law. Hopefully you are not relying on your lender’s attorney who reviewed you purchase and sale agreement as a convenience. You will need your own attorney who can guide and counsel you through this process. You are now potentially in litigation and could forfeit your entire deposit.

Taking a step back, it is important that we recognize how you may have gotten to the point of “cold feet.” Buying a house is a major investment. The market is volatile and with its highs and lows is exciting. Although exciting, it is important that you do not become intoxicated by the whirlwind of buying a house.

Be certain when purchasing a home. Educate yourself as a buyer before beginning such a serious process. Find an attorney that will represent your best interest and not just the bank’s. It will be their goal to lead you to a successful conclusion.

From the seller’s perspective, it is not a good idea to be testing the market without an actual intention to sell. With the market being so active at times, you may think to yourself that you could potentially get a lot for your house. When you are not sure you are ready to move, but put your house on the market anyway, you are wasting everyone’s time, including your real estate professional’s. Ultimately this could lead to being sued by the buyer.

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