We received another question from a viewer this week: “I just purchased a property with cash and I haven’t received a tax bill. What should I do?”

Since you purchased a property with cash, you do not have a lender or servicer helping you manage the payments for taxes and insurance, so you do not have an escrow account. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that these items are paid when they come due.

Most municipalities will not invoice the new owner for sometimes up to 6 months or even one full year. Don’t forget to pay your tax bill! We will make sure at the time of closing the taxes are adjusted as of the day of closing and we will remind you if your town collects quarterly or semi-annually.

When you do receive the tax bill in the mail, they will most likely remain in the former owner’s name for some time. Make sure to contact your town’s tax collector to inform them that you are the new owner. This sometimes expedites bills being issued in your name.

If you have any questions about Tax Bills contact us by calling (781) 319-1900.

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