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We’ve been taking in information from some smart people over at the Dr. Joe Show about protocols and how to handle this virus. Something really important is to let others know who is sick. Don’t keep it on the “DL,” everyone needs to know if they have had contact with someone who tests positive so that they can protect others. Keeping that information secret will not help flatten the curve.

Now, a note to landlords: a lot of our tenants will be losing their jobs soon. How can we handle this? First and foremost, make sure to communicate with them and ask how they are doing. See what you can do to help. Secondly, you should talk about how to proceed in light of the current and near future hardships. Work together to deal with rent and mortgage and be open. Perhaps figure out what they can afford and worry about the rest later.

On a final note, we were a sponsor for the annual Marshfield Education 5K. As a result of this no longer happening, we have a lot of unused Gatorades. Since the virus may come with a heavy bout of dehydration, we would be happy to deliver these extra drinks to anyone in need of them.

If you’re feeling the symptoms, it’s Tylenol, vitamin C and hydration.

While practicing safe spacing, we’re available for your conversations virtually. No obligations. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us by calling (781) 319-1900.

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