Have you just inherited some property via a will?

Whether you want to sell it right away or not, your first call should be to a Real Estate professional to find out the updated value of the property. Chances are it probably won’t be valued at the same price it was purchased for, especially if that was many years ago. You’ll want to have a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) generated to keep on file.

Along the way you’re going to have to consider things like title exams, title insurance and reviewing estate plans. A probate attorney, a mortgage loan officer and maybe even a business attorney might become your new best friends as each of their specialties can guide your process.

This may seem like a lot of technical details to keep track of and might feel overwhelming. However, it can all be smoothly managed with a little professional help. In dealing with situations like these regarding finances and mortgages, make sure to let your advisors know you’d like to connect with the team at Stiles Law.

If you have questions, you can always contact Stiles Law by calling (781) 319-1900 or visit https://stiles-law.com. Schedule a chat at calendly.com/mstiles.

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